Jewelry Scam on Etsy



This Post is not a review, but more a caution to always do your research when buying expensive jewelry/items no matter where you shop.

This is a SCAM/SHAM ALERT that’s taking place on Etsy. This shouldn’t reflect badly upon Etsy. There are always people who try to ruin or take advantage of any situation. The ones that are scamming need to be reported to, so Etsy can take care of the problem.

Below this post I have shared two ring listings. One is on Etsy and the other is on ebay. One is selling for $389.00 to $399.00, and the other is selling for $5.77. If you look you will notice the pictures these listing are using are exactly the same, and just like Jeulia they claim to be located in California, but are really in China, or they buy stock from China to sell in the US.


Related posts is a SCAM / Sham! Buyer BEWARE!