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Is Jewelry Really Worth It?

The following is my personal experience, review, and opinion of Jewelry…

So you’re in the market for a ring, whether it be for a new engagement, yourself or a replacement ring. If you’re like me you don’t want to spend 1000s of dollars on a ring, but you still want something that’s going to last. This was me about a month ago. Scouring the internet for just the right ring, I came across some review videos on Youtube and that’s how I was introduced to

Jeulia’s rings are so beautiful and at just the right price, so it’s very easy to get sucked into buying one. Especially with all the good reviews and videos claiming that offers such wonderful quality, by substituting diamonds with other gems, such as, white sapphires, and sterling silver with gold and rose gold plating that would last. I purchased the ring of my dreams…. or was it my nightmares?

Purchasing one of their more expensive rings with beautiful two toned vines and Let’s not forget the wonderful princess cut white sapphires, right?… NOT! Nowhere on their website does it say they use white sapphires so, I am not sure why these Youtube videos keeps claiming they do.


I got the ring two weeks after the purchase (witch just happened to be my birthday). Excitedly I opened the box to see my new beauty! I wasn’t disappointed with the pretty packaging and gorgeous ring sitting inside, but I did happen to notice there was a clump of fuzz stuck under one of the prongs and carefully worked it out leaving behind messy finger prints all over the ring. Using the provided cleaning cloth I started to wipe off the prints when I noticed this charcoal looking stuff all over the cloth. Upon further inspection I saw that the rose gold was vanishing from my ring.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed. I emailed them and asked for a refund. I had no other choice but to assume that their quality wasn’t what it was hyped up to be.

I’ve provided some pictures below…

So, I emailed them asking for a full refund, followed their sticky rules for returns to a T, crossed my fingers hoping for an easy return, and was let down again.


So, I emailed them asking for a full refund, followed their sticky rules for returns to a T, crossed my fingers hoping for an easy return, and was let down again. I received an email within an hour asking if I wished to exchange the ring for another. Replying, I stated that I wanted a full refund not an exchange and then never heard from them again.

I contacted my credit card company and was told I had to go through paypal because uses paypal instead of a regular merchant. I talked with paypal and was told they would contact Finally I got another email from giving me the return instructions and I’m now waiting to find out how the rest of this story is going to end. I will post an update to this post once everything in finished.


Here are two images showing the same ring. One is an ebay listing and the other is from They are the same ring. The one on ebay is selling for $8.40 and the one on is selling for $90.00. Check it out for yourself. 

Ebay,com Listing Owl Product Owl Ring


In conclusion, as tempting as rings are, I wouldn’t waste my time or my money buying from them. This of course, is only my opinion. If you think your experience will be different than mine was then by all means purchase whatever you like, but I personally believe the evidence above is just screaming “STAY AWAY!”, and that the chances are they are a scam.


Extremely sticky/picky return policy.
Bad Quality. uses paypal instead of a real merchant.
They say they are in CA, but they are really in China.
The fact that there are some of the rings they sell for 100+ dollars on ebay selling for under 10 bucks.


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